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Be a published author.

You have a unique voice. You have a story you've been dying to tell.  But you just haven't found the time to finish your book...

It's time to share your story, and ​I'm here to help. 

Through this specialized coaching, I will help you write and polish your fiction book until it's ready for submission or publication.  

We'll set up a weekly meeting over the course of 6, 9, or 12 months (depending on your goal publication date), where we will:

  • Set clear goals for your project, so that both you and I have a detailed vision of what your book will look like.

  • Brainstorm and build you a detailed, comprehensive outline, including story mapping, and character development. 

  • Create a writing schedule that is realistic both for your project goals and your real life, including milestones and check-ins.

Then you will write, while I give you writing tips, advice, and encouragement tailored to your personal challenges and strengths. I will keep you on track and meeting your milestones. When your first draft is ready, we will review it together. I will give you feedback on plot, dialogue, and characters, and together we will decide what changes need to be made, Then we'll set the next writing schedule with milestones and check-ins. When you are happy with your manuscript, I will edit it. We'll then review that edited draft for any final changes. 

You will then be the proud owner of a finished manuscript that meets or exceeds your initial vision, ready for final proof and layout. 

You've dreamed long enough. It's time to make your dream a reality. 

INVESTMENT: $5000 to $10,000, depending on scope, from brainstorm to published book. 



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