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What clients are saying...

I’d always dreamed of writing a book, but I wasn't a writer and I didn't know how to organize myself to accomplish that big goal. I was searching for someone to coach me as well as edit my work. I love that Alisa does both!

I was concerned that working with an editor might mean my voice would be edited out. Alisa kept me true to my voice—she even picked up on places where I’d been influenced by someone else and didn’t sound like myself. I love that!

Alisa took the fear and anxiety out of writing.


She let my thoughts be messy and scrambled on the page. She then taught me how to reorganize the content and to walk a reader through my ideas. Working with Alisa was better than any course I ever took. Hiring her is the most valuable thing I've done for my career and my self-esteem!

My book far exceeded my expectations.


I was prepared to put something in print, but I didn't realize how much I'd love what we created together.

I highly recommend Alisa. Anyone who is looking to get published, or anyone who wants to learn more about their personal writing style and how to improve, should work with Alisa.

Since working with Alisa, my whole attitude about writing has changed. I can write anywhere, anytime. I can pull out my phone and start taking notes. I feel confident and inspired to produce more work.

I think working with Alisa is so valuable and easy. I appreciate how she encourages me and shows me that I can achieve my goals.

Aleeza Ben Shalom,

author of Get Real, Get Married

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There were so many things I liked about working with Alisa. Her patience, understanding, and soft nature. Her ability to know my voice and keep my voice no matter what we were saying. Her dedication to understanding the material I was writing about. And most of all, her uncanny way of rewriting every sentence and yet keeping the exact feel of what I said. I definitely recommend Alisa.

At the end, when we had some time pressure, she was great about turning it around and editing while I was still working on things, and patient even though I made her reedit many times. When I hit my first bump and had had enough—couldn't think about it anymore but knew I wasn't close to done—she encouraged me, told me to take a break, didn’t pressure me about time. She was like my therapist, listening to me complain and validating my frustration.

I am beyond thrilled with my book. I get so much feedback about how it is changing people’s lives. 


As much as I was the writer, my book has the ability to affect people the way it does because of Alisa’s coaching and editing.

Working together was beyond a pleasure. I have more confidence in my own writing now.


If I ever decide to write another book, I would definitely look forward to working with Alisa again.

Aviva Barnett, author of Ride the Wave

Alisa is AMAZING!

We have worked together for many years on articles and other writing projects. One of the best things about working with Alisa is that she always wants to make sure that it is MY voice and MY message that is coming through in a way that I feel happy and excited about. It is always so much fun and so satisfying to create with her. If you want someone to get YOUR message out in YOUR VOICE (but edited so it’s not a jumbled mess), contact Alisa. You will feel enlivened by the experience.


Do yourself a favor and call Alisa now!

Jewel Safren, LCSW and Columnist with The Jewish Link of New Jersey

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